About us

Based in Swakopmund, Dream Photography provides professional photography services throughout Namibia.

We are two dedicated photographers who started photography at young ages and who now have a pursuit career in photography and work together. We will ensure you get the best and quality photographs.

We at specialize in all kinds of photography from Event photography to Virtual Tours. We love photographing people and showing their beauty and emotion. We also love to travel and capture more of other things around us.

If you are interested in a one of our many services we provide, do not hesitate to contact. We won’t bite. :)

Call us at 0818199789 or just pop us an email.

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(All photographs on the website and social media is Dream Photography’s own photographs. All rights reserved. Copyrighted and registered trademarks of Dream Photography. So don’t steal. If you do wish to use the images simply share them on facebook.)